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2017-2018 Softball High School Archive

Tuesday 3-21-17
Alamo Heights vs Boerne Champion
Tuesday 3-28-17
Marble Falls vs Alamo Heights 
Thursday 4-13-17
Boerne Champion vs Alamo Heights 
Tuesday 4-18-17
Alamo Heights vs Medina Valley 
Thursday 4-27-17
Childress vs Idalou 
Friday 5-5-17
Idalou vs Reagan County (Game 1)  Idalou vs Reagan County (Game 2) 
Saturday 5-6-17
Idalou vs Reagan County (Game 3) 
Thursday 5-11-17
Ridge Point vs Katy 
Friday 5-12-17
Idalou vs Alpine (Game 1) 
Saturday 5-13-17
Idalou vs Alpine (Game 2) 
Tuesday 3-20-18
Alice vs CC Ray (Softball)
Friday 4-13-18
Alamo Heights vs Boerne Champion (Softball)
Tuesday 4-17-18
Medina Valley vs Alamo Heights (Softball) CC Veterans Memorial vs Alice (Softball)
Thursday 5-3-18
Idalou vs Wall  (Game 1)
Friday 5-4-18
Idalou vs Wall  (Game 2)